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Hard op de Tong

Hard op de Tong (get it off your chest) was originally a series of lectures organized by the weekly magazine Knack and the Brussels Beursschouwburg. The lectures or discussions thereof were later published in Knack . In his lecture, Leo Apostel, one of the leading philosophers of the day, did a reconstruction of his discussions with the artist Leo Copers about his work and discussed the question, ‘But what is art?’ In 1986, a book entitled Hard op de Tong was published by Kritak, with texts by Frans Boenders, Jan Hoet, Herman de Coninck and others. An exhibition by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, from 29th April until 29th May, 1987, also bore the same title: Hard op de Tong 6x6x6. [Patrick Peeters]